English Conversation Skills
1 Month (900 QAR)
Mazhar Tahir
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Our Conversation English Programme Offers You: Spoken English classes gives chance to you to interact with others and use English as your second language as we all are aware that English is the most spoken language around the word. Its English words put together in simple sentence(s) format to make sense in communicating with other person where grammar is informal. Our Spoken English course includes the following: • English for everyday situation. • Basic Grammar (Sentences, Parts of Speech, tenses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect Narration). • Communication with people in the class room and in real situation in class excursion project. • Skills to Speak accurately and clearly. • Improving pronunciation and fluency. • Discussion, brainstorming and debates • Group work and tasks • Communication exercises • Vocabulary and written exercises • Role playing • Selected grammar where required • Conversation techniques • Company visit and/or guest speaker • Individual and group presentations
Aims of the Course

By the end of each level Students will be tested through a rubric to keep their speaking record and understand the strength of their spoken English level.

- Beginner Level :

• Make conversations in familiar situations (e.g. café, chatting about family, weekend)
• Ask and respond to simple questions with modelling
• Describe things
• Talk about past and future events

- Elementary Level :

• Greetings and introductions
• Make conversations in familiar situations (e.g. café, chatting about family, weekend)
• Describe things
• Talk about past and future events

- Pre Intermediate Level :

• Tell a story
• Talk about personal activities and engage in social chit-chat
• Describe people and places
• Talk about the future and plans
• Make choices and explain the reasons for those choices

- Intermediate Level :

• Talk about a variety of familiar topics
• Describe people and places in detail
• Give advice and make suggestions
• Make arrangements over the phone

- Upper Intermediate Level :

• Talk about a wide variety of topics
• Present information clearly to others
• Describe events and achievements
• Explain opinions and decisions
• Speak accurately in various contexts

- Advanced Level :

• Interact with native speakers with little or no problem
• Take an active part in discussions on familiar topics
• Present information and descriptions on a wide range of topics
• Explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving reasons for that viewpoint
• Use stress, rhythm and intonation to convey meaning
• Explain the reasons for decisions they have made